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released May 3, 2010



all rights reserved


Mammox Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sneeze Tease
I make MC's feel uncomfortable like a vegan in a slaughterhouse/
like I put a cow in front of them and made them knock her out/
the MC that shot their mouth will release an awful shout/
I even make great author's doubt putting their novels out/
I spit a flow so ill that I shocked the house/
MC's talk dollar smack with skills worth ten cents/
my one sentence puts your crew in remembrance/
now if you're a heavyweight then I'm off the scales/
if MC's were endangered species then I shot the whales/
all your stories are made up like you talk in tales/
you know I'll crawl when walking fails/
your style's lost and stale/
trite, overused, commonplace/
my spit is on their face like graffiti's on the trains/
I wrote on the page and it bled on your brain/
metaphors multiplied by meta-fives make meta-twenty/
I'm sending plenty of hurt to MC's who said they hungry/
embed the defeat rewind and hear the repeat/
this flow ain't complete I get your crew twisted by the jaws of life I'm rocking mic's/
stop jocking me and start jocking life/

I'm the cowboy killer fuck Marlboro/
six-shooter Buddha/
that's how I'm gonna throw down/
go now pound for pound sound for sight/
visionary on the mic/
tight like anacondas on ice/
the game's over, three strikes thrice you're out now get out/
before I shout your house down/
homie don't play that clown/
enough make-up to paint the town... red/
left on your face kid you blow wind so hard I got myself a facelift/
with hot air there's nothing to see here please do not stare/
always step to the mic like I don't give a fucking care/
Track Name: Araratfairydisco
My tracks get more wear than waldo/
although you might follow this leader/
get shook like a seizure/
forget an MC call me and MB a microphone beater/
fuck that I'm an MD a microphone deceaser/
deceasing mic's at my leisure/
you're a preview while I'm the full feature presentation/
I'm a whole house of representation/
leave your raps knocked out like seditation/
I'm so dope I can make up words like repetitation... repetitation/

I got the prehistoric beats with the bedrock bass/
smoke tyrannosaurus trees out papyrus papes/
time travel streets at my heart beat's pace/
check my jet pack's heat drifting off towards space/
got vanilla sweet speech with the cherry dream taste/
so when cats try to leech they got the bitter beer face/
haven't reached my peak when I do clear the race/
because the rumbling from beneath is my reaching first place/
got your speech freaked with my primordial quakes/
velociraptor teeth coming straight at your face/
my rhyme style's unique so you make no mistake/
Track Name: Twangganggg
I been rapping since grade six/
when other kids played pick-up sticks I picked up microphones and ripped/
flows like a brook leave MC's shook/
like the fat I slapped on an overweight cook/
call me a crook because a breath I took/
sucker MC's get read like a book/
bite it/
my style tastes good like nooks and crannies/
man these cats can't stand dreams getting shot down by the man see/
my fans be grannies, family, and cats who can't stand me/
hand me, Nate B, ZZ, and J-Steez the fucking grammy/

I got more flows than Aesop got fables/
I got more rhymes than finagle got bagels/
MC's sip my steez by the ladle/
but I remain stable as a table and rock like a cradle/
from bable to babble/
hop scotch rocks til I hit fraggle/
my flow is like my weed it grows all natural/
tattle steps up and gets shook like a rattle/
look back, what, you wanna battle?/

welcome to the twang gang where we slang dope rhymes and drum bangs/
like coke lines and bud strains/
blunts game/
take me to another planet/
God damn it I can't manage advantage when I slam it/
me as a Diaz when I Atlantic/
grammar is manic/
clamor is panic/
put a damper on your planning, mammajamma your mechanics/
volcanic organics make me hot I can't stand it/
Track Name: Candy In Bed
Buttery lyrics reminiscent beats/
premonition speaks/
demolition peaks/
devilish men with hellish sins relish with a hell of a grin/
rebel and repent/
I'll tell a new sin/
belting the hymn/
not telling if skeleton men will hear the yell in the wind/
I'll tell it again/
relevant trends lead to carefree negligence and bells of the kings/
I'm protecting my kin til skies align and tell of the end/

My speech run through the mic and to the speaker/
pan left, pan right, and in between/
all the dealers deal and tweakers tweak/
the balance is reached/
the proud meets the meek and the glutton meets the weak/
greedy meets the leech and wrath meets the peace/
lust to chastity, envy to complete/
while sloth gets lost in activity/
the sins are deadly so check the liturgy/
and watch your step for my friend apathy/
tragically societies lacking these capacities/
fantastically audacity's strong enough to hold on to these veracity's/
Track Name: Cow Aesthetics
Our flow's like lanolin zanax candle pin mandolins/
handle it damage random in chaotic thought/
entropic rot/
handling onslaughts of gobots stay off the lot/
sampling dampening when them stray dogs get caught/
Mammox deepen the cough/
with the trees and the fog/
a leaf and the spark/
unique street speech freaked when I talk/

I'm nice on the mic like iron chefs with spice and a knife/
bam your fam with a fright in the night/
Mammox k.o.'s like Tyson on Friday night fights/
in spite of the rights/
Stravinsky's blinking type of our might/
out of sight sky high with the flight of a kite/
and steez tight as a vice/

I spit like Chakazulu with a shield and a spear/
and a cold hard gaze that never shows no fear/
I said hit them with a sear and y'all better stand clear/
a style on its own we remain with no peers/
turn tears to joy/
and happiness I rap the best/
nap and rest bash the next/
step back when I trash the decks/
like the flash on trek/
I last the rest in peace and come back from death/
to have the blessed and end with a lack of breath/
Track Name: Glitterbugs
Let me recoup regroup/
to see through deep truths/
my tim boots tree roots seep through/
cracks and sediment/
tenements of regiments ready for rebellion/
hellians relishing better catch up/
selling them medicine mind melting embellishment/
telling them ignore rooms full of elephants/
closet skeleton element/
magellan with discourse on melanin/
leveling henchmen ahead of them

Gutter glitter buggers flutter utter stutters better take cover

Silver surfing over icicle beats/
I'm nice with the speech/
bite and get diced with the meat cheese and ripen the peach/
writing the creek/
my flows behold secrets of might through the teeth/
my holy smite might strike with the priest/
life's like attack always riding release/
in spite of the meek/
so I'll recite til I'm weak/
vision blurs knees shake and I lose sight of the beat/
Track Name: Crunkadelic Gamma Eggs
The flavor's tropical popcicles/
rock-a-ble the matador/
rhyme styles unstoppable/
Doppler's audible/
Da Vinci drawn plans for skies choppable/
hoppable scotchable/
across time with a Dolorean clockable/
Docable Brown/
nocturnal flow with hot spottable sound/
connect the dottables down/
and get the lossable found/
phenomonal pounds/
abdominal nouns/
guttural verbs/
stutter the herbs/
utter the words/
butter the curb/
for the love of the herd/
mutter the birds/
til I come to my terms/
flutter a nerve/
shutter the burn/
run cuddle your lover when I come up and cover my turn/

My flow's ill watch the pandemic/
call the medics/
debit academics til I'm indebted/
regret set in/
embetter the feather until the plumage crunkadelic/
relics of settings/
ampitheater pantheon shredded/
tethered to the beat/
weathered with the sleet/
embedded when I creep/
silhouetted to the street/
vetted then I jetted abetted to the freak/
netted in the sheets/
dreaded M.I.C./
lightheaded from the trees/
editing the speech/
accredited unique/
skeptical retreat/
angelic psychedelic gamma egging then repeat/
angelic psychedelic gamma egging then repeat/

electrocute your headspace with this mp3/
verbal murder prosecuted to the third degree/
violate the paradigm of music sanctity/
cop a dime of chronic sonic ecstacy/
bring a fatter sack and the music is free/
and if you're looking for a snack the comatoast is on me/
Track Name: B.E.A.T.
Animal raps inspire cannibal Hannibal tracks/
panoramic attacks with standards to damage the whack/
untangible cats with understandable facts/
stamping the pack with the hammond in back/
Don Giovanni managing acts/
demanding work to hand in the badge/
reprimanding the crack while they get their's over the desk when they hand them the bag/
bent biologies spent chronologies/
repent idoletry/
hypotheses true or rotten see/
shockingly symbolic philosophies/
either way hippocracy remains and makes a mockery/
thoughts robbery/
loftily hopping across the B.E.A.T./
broughten evocatively Aristotles topically/
peace, the crop's headies/

lounging in my hammoc famished mammoxing sandwiches/
phantanimals damaging bandaging bumps/
we're granting the funk pamper and pumps/
for slamming the dunk off the randomnest jump/
atom smasher galaxy collapser/
white dwarf blaster spacecraft disaster/
asthmatic raptastic bastard/
craftmatic dark matter/
black hole fatter/
supernova spin platter/
megaton paralaxer/
Track Name: My Book Of Secrets
My pen's lens been friends with Steadman/
grotesque images create beauty out of sentence/
with elements of regretful sentiments/
like why can't we be friends again?/
send him in the doctor's telling him/
he makes too much embellishment/
rain taps against the tenements/
rebellion from rooms full of skeletons/
separate kin bought and sold like medicine/
and heritage lost among the regiments of hellians/

serial theorists with materials peerless/
imperials hear this and strike fear in the fearless/
my lyrics appearance is a miracles clearest/
jeering the nearest peers in good spirits/
hold delirious dearest/
smearing the clearness/
a tear hits the ear and the weird becomes weirdest/

tearing the dream while repairing the seams/
comparing the freeze as I stare at the trees/
preparing a scheme to snare up the breeze/
bearing decrees to affairs of the creed/
cares of the beings hold despair at the feet/
declaring our needs to the mayor of belief/
answered with silence and the rustle of leaves/
Track Name: Wren-babbler
Funky like feces/
break your theses into reese's pieces/
dirty black jeans no cuffs or creases/
release these discrete keys heebie jeebies/
leave me with jeep keys and a key please of tea leaves and e-z's/
while jack sprouts the beans for Nate B and Biology/
plus the whole team inspired me/
to find the lighter/
flick the bic and start the fire/
light the tip of the e-z wider/
and take a rip so we can get higher/
desire smoke like burnt tires/
check the dirt for your whack ass flyer/
Commodore's the best announces the crier/
so y'all can bow down and call me sire/

My esoteric ethics hard to find like relics/
or rare records they wreck kids with reckless/
becks and calls the flows relentless/
like meth hits I send this like fed-ex/
rain or shine I get next/
mess with the best bad idea like mesh keds/
not osh-kosh-b-gosh/
I mosh, toss, be gone/
your loss costs you lost/
my lost thoughts re-got/
I jot dots to rock/
I spit... and my drops boss your spot/
I know blocks right off/
my popped shots can't stop/
I romp, stomp, drop bombs/
calm like dawn/
you get preyed on like fawns/
first in line to get killed like pawns/
now I got brains over brawn/
but my brawn is strong enough to hit and have your moms fall off the john-athin/
my style is akin to that of a pimp/
goes down smooth but can still break you down to the shins/
with one shot/
I throw one rock/
and fuck two birds I killed the whole flock/
Track Name: Existence's Bane
I got ancients blood coursing through these veins/
mixed with mary jane/
rhyme style's get slain/
the power of a tiger and the grace of a crane/
I've peeked from the highest tower and the base terrain/
back breaking pain/
in fields of sugar cane so children can sang and have some pocket change/
mental breakdown/
I think I'm going insane brain deranged is existence's bane/
the king has fallen no tyrant reigns under eminent domain/
the power of one zero contains/
reach for the sky godliness obtained/
our minds and our bodies deities' bratain/
so as interest wanes/
watch out for when the cradle meets the grave/

peasant gets the thimble, king gets the bucket like fuck it let's just keep on trucking/
steal from the rich, robin hood theory and watch them say, “he's delirious clearly”/
searing leave sunburn leave no stone unturned/
learn to unlearn/
burn to unchurn/
discern my concern/
stern but unfirm and terms like live with no regrets but don't forget experience regret/
but don't let it get you bent/
no time unspent on first and last month's rent/

I got ancients blood coursing through these veins/
mixed with mary jane/
rhyme style's get slain/
the power of a tiger and the grace of a crane/
I've peeked from the highest tower and the base terrain/
back breaking pain/
in fields of sugar cane so children can sang and have some pocket change/
mental breakdown/
I think I'm going insane brain deranged is/
I think I'm going insane brain deranged is/
I think I'm going insane I think I'm going insane I think I'm going insane brain deranged is existence's bane so watch out for when the cradle meets the grave/
Track Name: World of Dreams
The orange gets the squeeze and the tangerine screams as I enter my world of dreams/
nothing's as it seems light beams and vision blurs and everything that happens is simply absurd/
watching my words and feeling the verbs curd psychedelic rivers I step onto the curb/
wondering what's this curse?/
trip fall and land on another earth in another universe/

M to the A double M-O-X don't you ever try to test because you know we the best/
I said M to the A double M-O-X don't you ever try to flex or ever half-step/
I said M to the A double M-O-X we leave all these whack cats in cardiac arrest/
I said M to the A double M-O-X don't you every try to test because you know we the best/

My world of dreams/
my world of dreams/
my world of dreams..../
Track Name: Phantanimals
I neglect threats/
protect your neck and check your tape decks/
the tech specs get wrecked/
flex and who next don't get knocked out the box I like to keep the box checked/
bless heads with no disrespect/
regrets or hex/
vexxed with no less than POW to the chest/
leave bystanders and peds in cardiac arrest/
bear my family crest/
til you're hearing my lex-i-con/
bomb like John Bonham on the tom-toms/
tron don on autobahns and hammer ons/
damage on while cameras on/
the one ton fun run til my hun comes with my one ton/

I got felonious funk inspired by thelonious monk/
and erroneous skunk from patagonian fronts/
Bostonian lump/
eye of truth seeing through the phoniest chumps and the loneliest stunts/
got dutch master's rolling the blunts/
my words are beautiful yours' are homely as fuck/
my dome be the luck/
fat like Romans at lunch/
invoke baroque as my trump/
classical bastard provoking your front/

the dark knight sparks lights on dark nights/
fuck the teeth my motherfucking bark bites/
the narc writes car flights, park fights, Mark likes/
chi that's packed tight in big bags with jars right?/
mic's get smoked like a bowl/
out of control paying the toll/
fuck out my way troll and let me get on my roll/
and dip spit raps like I'm sucking on skoal/
sit back relax on the grassiest knoll/